Bike London

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Bike London

A Guide to Cycling in the City

Bike London is the definitive guide to cycling in the UK’s capital. The cycling culture in London is constantly evolving and this book offers an indispensable resource for the city’s bike users – whether they’re weather-hardened commuters who ride in all conditions or summer daytrippers looking to explore. This book covers all things two-wheeled, from local cycle shops and essential cafe stops, to ideas for routes and events that will appeal to all breeds of bike lover.

More than a mere directory, Bike London speaks to important players in the city’s cycling community, while also looking back and offering interesting facts and snippets of information from London’s 100-year-plus love affair with the bicycle.

As London embraces a greener future, this book is a timely resource that will help you put words into action. Each chapter is categorised by a variety of themes: Cycling Cafés, Cycle Hire, Cycling Apparel & Accessories, Cycling Clubs, Cycling Manufacturers, Cycling Events, Bike Shops, Cycling Routes, Cycling Venues. Throughout, Bike London also features profiles of some of the great and good of London cycling, from Bradley Wiggins and Tao Geoghegan Hart to Maurice Burton and Joanna Rowsell Shand.

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